Artists are pretty magical. I don’t mean in some illusory way or through any slight of hand work, which probably has it’s place in some instance. I’m talking about the definition of magic in terms of the beautiful and delightful things that are out of the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. One of the many unofficial roles of the artist entails creating experiences that touch at something familiar, resonant, and memorable. Everett Katigbak is not only an artist, but a storyteller, a strategist, and designer. He is a tinkerer and helps foster a desire to get at the essence and soul of connection in our world through technological means.

The breadth of his experience, from environmental design management at Facebook to his time at Pinterest as a brand design manager, Katigbak has always been aware of the necessity for content, of any nature, to resonate with the viewer, the reader, the participant, or the listener. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Katigbak is a musician and studied audio engineering, sound design, and recording. During his tenure at Facebook, he actually helped the company create an audio identity, solidifying his multi-faceted creative practice that enabled him to work closely with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on world-renowned architect Frank Gehry on the west campus for the organization.

It was such a pleasure researching and learning about his background and experiences. Soon after learning about his work, I looked through his portfolio. I noticed his penchant for strategy and creative direction that foregrounds the human experience. Technology is a tool for us to connect more in real life than through digital means. But in addition to his design and creative practices within the technology realms, his work for a prestigious cultural institution such as the J Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles serves as a true testament to his skill and deftness in knowing how to reach at the core of human experiences and connection. — Dorothy Santos, NextDayBetter + SF City Curator

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