Who We Are

NextDayBetter is a storytelling platform for diaspora communities. We celebrate multicultural creatives from around the world and call them to action.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where anyone from anywhere is empowered to create change.  

That’s because we believe that looking at a single problem through different lenses is essential to hatching innovative and effective solutions.

Today, the world faces an infinite amount of challenges and it will take diverse voices from diaspora communities to solve them. We believe that these voices belong on decision-making tables. We believe that they are generators of world-changing ideas and social innovation. We believe that they have immense potential to push humanity forward.

Why Diasporas?

Diasporas are communities of people with a shared ethnic identity and connection to an ancestral homeland.

Diasporas are prime movers.

When a natural disaster hits, a social movement spurs, and innovative opportunities ripen, diaspora communities are often the first to lead international conversations and take action.

Diasporas have global insight.

We look at diasporas to understand how shared experiences, values, and problems can impact a community spread across the world—what are the similarities, what are the differences? How can we leverage these understandings to invent solutions beyond borders?

Diasporas have immense potential.

There are 230 million diaspora members around the globe. Imagine if we could harness that creative potential for the greater good. This is why we exist.


Our Mission

We empower multicultural changemakers through…


We dare to rewrite the narratives around diverse communities in our own words.

Global Speaker Events

We bring together like-minded do gooders from around the world to share ideas, collaborate, and inspire.

Action Labs

We design social good initiatives that harness the creative potential of diasporas to solve big problems using technology, storytelling, and digital media.

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“We need diverse stories, perspectives, and contributions to push humanity forward.”

—Julius Paras, Founder of Filamthropy and Echoing Green Fellow