Help us #AskPharma to lower the price of the pneumonia vaccine.

A NextDayBetter Action Lab Initiative | Harnessing the creative potential of the Filipino diaspora to solve big problems.

Thank You

Thank you for helping us #AskPharma to lower the price of the pneumonia vaccine! Over 400,000 people from 170 countries signed our petition, which was handed to Pfizer and GSK in New York, London, and Madrid.


On April 27, 2016, we carried your voices to Pfizer Headquarters, and they accepted our petition. Now, it’s their turn to play their role and drop the price of the pneumonia vaccine to $5/child for all developing countries and humanitarian organizations.

Thank you for taking action with us! This campaign is not over, so stay in touch for the next step!




Petition Signatures from 170 Countries


Tweets sent using #askpharma hashtag


Filipino community organization partners, representing 35,000+ people



194 countries adopt the 2015 World Health Assembly VAX Resolution


New Yorkers

80+ New Yorkers came out to our silent protest



54 countries spoke out about high vaccine prices


Baby Activists

15 baby activists sported #askpharma onesies


Percent Price Reduction

10% price reduction for GSK Pneumonia Vaccine offered to GAVI


Live Protests

7 live protests outside of Pfizer & GSK Headquarters



4 meetings with Pfizer and GSK


Patent Application Challenge

1 patent application challenge against Pfizer in India


Health Workshop

1 health workshop on vaccine prices held in Jordan


Emails sent directly to Pfizer CEO and Management

Too Many

Cups of coffee consumed

Untapping the Potential of the Filipino Diaspora

There’s no denying it, Filipinos are world-class at saving lives. In fact, the Philippines is the #1 exporter of healthcare professionals across the globe. Filipino nurses, doctors, and other leaders in public health have pioneered breakthroughs in healthcare around the world. It’s time to channel that energy back to the homeland.

The majority of the 11 million Filipinos around the world do not realize how severe the pneumonia crisis is in the Philippines, nor are they aware about the exploitative actions these pharmaceutical companies are taking at the expense of Filipino children. We believe that as members of the Filipino diaspora, it is our responsibility to become educated about the critical healthcare issues of our homeland and do what we can to effect change.

We at NextDayBetter believe in the creative potential of the Filipino diaspora to solve big problems. That’s why we’ve partnered with Doctors Without Borders (MSF) to leverage the incredible passion and expertise of Filipinos to make movement on this issue. We need the collective power of thousands of voices rising up to Pfizer and GSK, letting them know that their actions will not remain ignored in the Philippines.