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We are looking for practical idealists who are driven to win the global PR battle for migrant communities across the globe. We value people who are optimistic, collaborative, who take ownership, embrace ambiguity, talk less do more, can learn from failure, and have the desire to make others successful.

Our startup culture is a unique blend of social enterprise, tech startup, and classroom. We hire people who at their core are social entrepreneurs, and we believe that every individual who joins NextDayBetter has the power to be an incredible and large-scale changemaker.


Does this sound like you?

  • Visionary + left- and right-brain thinker: You deeply believe that inclusive storytelling can change the world. Through a combination of “gut-feeling,” creativity and insight-driven strategy, you are driven by the opportunity to tell stories that build empathy, and empowers diaspora communities to sit on decision making tables and take action at scale.
  • Manages through relationships: You understand what it takes to get things done in a startup organization, and you are able to motivate different individuals to take action. You can effectively read people to know what is going on in the room in order to calibrate the level of interaction in a variety of scenarios. You see opportunities via relationships; you create a sense of mutual accountability, inspire action, and follow up effectively to ensure momentum.
  • Entrepreneurial: You maximize the resources around you to chart a path to the goal. You are a go-getter who knows how to push hard.
  • Keeps many balls in the air: You are efficient and organized. You can take in a range of events at different levels of urgency and importance, formulate responses, and keep progress going on many fronts at once.
  • Visualizes the path to the goal: You are extremely strategic. You understand how decisions get made, you can take in multiple inputs at the same time, and you evaluate what choices are on the table in order to take action and chart a path forward. You are a seasoned project manager.
  • Problem solver: In this ego-free environment, you must be able to quickly adapt as we experiment with new products, systems, and processes for getting things done.  Ultimately, we’re in search of new teammates who will push to make our team better in service of our mission.

If so, we are looking for you.

We are looking for a Story Producer who will manage editorial functions in the creation of content, including assisting the creative, business, and production teams in crafting story campaigns, from research through post-production, primarily in the digital media space.

As a Story Producer, you will have the following roles and responsibilities:

Story Strategy and Research
  • Contribute to content strategy, thought leadership, and audience acquisition
  • Conceive, generate, and propose story campaign ideas, frameworks, and formats of the highest standards, consistent with Storytelling and Business strategies
  • Keep abreast of digital media and content industry standards with regards to content creation, consumption, and trends
  • Lead innovative thinking in creating story products that serve NextDayBetter audience and promote NDB’s vision as the hub for migrant storytelling
  • Initiate thought leadership on digital content creation and marketing with regards to migrant communities, storytelling for impact, and narratives that advocate for visibility


Content Creation
  • Write, produce, and develop compelling content for digital and social media
  • Conceptualize story project ideas with corresponding projected plans and resources
  • Build narratives for video stories (scriptwriting, content writing, and identifying shot lists)
  • Copywrite and copy edit headlines, story text, image captions, synopses/description, etc
  • Sub-edit NextDayBetter content for publication to check for grammar, style, and spelling errors, as well as check if all information is factually correct
  • Work with various creative partners and production scenarios to support and/or contribute to delivering a story campaign and preparation for production and editing
  • Collaborate closely with heads of Strategy, Storytelling, and Production on storylines, production processes, and other mandates needed to build out content requirements
  • Work with the Marketing head to provide and/or ensure needed content to execute an effective social media editorial calendar
  • Collaborate with the Design team to align on storytelling goals and assets creation
  • Facilitate story asset production where needed (editing of videos and photos)
  • On-board story subjects
  • Curate secondary/third-party community-generated content
  • Check that all relevant copyrights and contracts have been cleared and ensure that content meets legal guidelines


Operations Management
  • Ensure processes are in place and that the support foundation for all aspects of content are well taken care of
  • Monitor production values and artistic standards and balance these aspirations with costs
  • Supervise the various aspects of the production process from inception through post-production and delivery. This includes managing timelines/meeting deadlines, logistics, working closely with creatives, managing creative briefs, and communicating with the various story and creative stakeholders of a campaign.
  • Manage content inventory  (including tracking, archiving, archive retrieval, and archive backups)
  • Track content usage and licensing, i.e. music usage tracking, third party footage and images, etc

We are looking for some who:

  • has strong storytelling and narrative building skills, both visually and verbally
  • has a passion for digital publishing, especially video and multimedia content
  • has a strong editorial background and proven skills in writing and editing in English
  • is experienced in copywriting and branded content creation
  • is continuously growing their expertise in digital content creation
  • has an insightful and data-driven approach to engaging digital audience
  • has video production knowledge
  • has project management skills
  • is a strategic thinker and leader
  • has ambitious product development inclinations
  • is detail-oriented, while able to see the big picture
  • can work under pressure and meet strict deadlines
  • can work with multiple teams, projects, and workflows
  • is resourceful, creative, and organized
  • is a proactive problem-solver
  • has an unshakeable belief in the power of stories to inspire action and impact lives

Do you have this experience?

  • A bachelor’s degree or entrepreneurial street cred
  • 4-year experience in editorial management and content creation (experience in producing video, digital, social, and multimedia storytelling projects preferred)
  • Proven history of taking initiatives and leading projects to successful completion

About the position:

Assignment: Full-time engagement
Compensation: Salary commensurate with experience

Application instructions:

If our values resonate with you, email your LinkedIn profile to

Put “Story Producer” in the subject, and include short answers to the following questions:
Why do you want to work at NextDayBetter?

  • What is your philosophy on work?
  • What, to you, makes a good story?
  • How does storytelling change when platforms or mediums change?
  • What is your work and collaboration style?

In addition, please provide a link to portfolio examples and submit them with your email inquiry.

In your capacity, you will not only help NextDayBetter amplify migrant stories around the globe, but you will also help the CEO & team improve operational efficiency across time zones. Your presence will unlock our CEO’s time to tackle critical line projects that grow our business and impact. 

Can you do this?

As our Executive Assistant, you will need to:

  • Work closely with CEO to problem solve, manage, and tackle day-to-day operations.
  • Support social media and email communications of our CEO
  • Coordinate virtual office activities and operations to secure efficiency 
  • Manage agendas/travel arrangements/appointments etc. 
  • Support budgeting and bookkeeping procedures
  • Support hiring & onboard of staff
  • Create and update records and databases with personnel, financial, and other data
  • Submit timely reports and prepare presentations/proposals as assigned
  • Assist colleagues whenever necessary
  • Tackle unexpected projects and problem solve, iterate, and experiment when that happens

Do you have these skills and experience?

  • Entrepreneurial street cred or experience working in a fast-paced environment 
  • Knowledge of digital collaboration tools including Slack, Google Docs, Hootsuite etc.
  • 2 years of experience as an executive assistant, office administrator/assistant or relevant role
  • Incredible organization and time-management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; uncompromising attention to detail
  • Proven history of taking an initiative; strong interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Familiarity with office management procedures and basic accounting principles

About the Position

  • Full-time role. Remote Position. 
  • Must be available during New York City hours between 8:00AM-1:00pm (EST) four times a week.
  • Compensation: Salary commensurate with experience 

Application Instructions

If our values resonate with you, email your cover letter and resume/LinkedIn profile to CURIOUS@NEXTDAYBETTER.COM. Put “[YOUR NAME] + “Executive Assistant” in the subject and include short answers to the following questions in your :

  1. Why do you want to work at NextDayBetter?
  2. What is your philosophy on work? We want to know: what’s your passion and how does it link to our mission?

Candidates are being evaluated on a rolling basis and interviews will be scheduled until the role is filled.

At NextDayBetter, we don’t believe in adding more noise or click-baits titles in our increasingly digital world. We believe in using social media to tell stories that engage communities in meaningful and impactful ways. We’re looking for a natural storyteller, eager problem solver, and agile builder that will lead the development of our social media and audience development strategy.  In your capacity, you will ensure our message and storytelling engages digital citizens to support our mission of telling stories that make the invisible visible.

Can you do this?

This role will be: (1) social media brand and audience development; (2) content, promotion, engagement and conversion strategy & execution; and (3) KPI measurement and analysis.

As our Social Media Manager, you will need to:

  • Develop and execute social media strategies and campaigns that build and engage our audience
  • Lead editorial calendar development for up to 3 – 4 simultaneous brand and/or NextDayBetter campaigns
  • Lead a team to design and test video thumbnails, titles, and copy that lead to higher engagement across priority platforms
  • Lead the creation of engaging social media copy for NextDayBetter and our brand clients
  • Work closely with our CEO to manage and execute his social media communications
  • Collaborate with other teams, like our partnership and story teams, to ensure brand consistency
  • Plan and execute social media ad buys to meet our impact and business goals
  • Facilitate and lead digital conversations across social media channels with our communities and partners
  • Performing research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences
  • Provide analytics report, insights, and recommendations to drive KPIs
  • Recruit and manage a social media marketing team

Do you have these skills and experience?

  • Minimum of 5+ years of experience in social media marketing
  • Knowledge of social media tools including Google Analytics, Hootsuite, YouTube Analytics, etc.
  • Knowledge of emerging trends in social media marketing and audience development
  • Ability to deliver creative content (text, image and video). Familiarity with photo, design, and video editing softwares is a plus.
  • Solid knowledge of SEO, keyword research and Google Analytics
  • Uncompromising attention to detail
  • Incredible organization and time-management skills, proven history of taking the initiative and strong interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of virtual collaboration tools including Slack, Hootsuite, Google Docs, Zoom, etc.
  • Experience working with diaspora communities a plus

About the Position

  • Full-time role
  • Remote Position
  • Compensation: salary commensurate with experience
  • Must be virtually available during New York City during the following work hours: 8:00am (EST) to 1:00pm (EST) at least four times a week.

Application Instructions

If our values resonate with you, email your LinkedIn profile to CURIOUS@NEXTDAYBETTER.COM.

Put “[YOUR NAME] + Social Media Manager” in the subject and include short answers to the following questions:

  • What is your philosophy on work? We want to know: what’s your passion and how does it link to our mission? Why NextDayBetter?
  • Provide a list/links to the social accounts for a brand, media, org, etc that you currently manage (or examples of posts from when you did manage)

Candidates are being evaluated on a rolling basis and interviews will be scheduled until the role is filled.

Let's collaborate! Drop us an email: