A #DisruptAging Story from Evan Chan, 57 years old, on facing obstacles.


“After I gave up my business in Shanghai, I felt depressed. I spent 10 years of my life setting up a really big company, but the industry wasn’t doing well and keeping my business going was draining me. All of a sudden, I gave up and shut it down and killed it.

“I figured that if I wanted to move myself to the next step, I needed to win over myself. After I retired, I didn’t have any more enemies. The only enemy was myself. That’s why I went back to school. I got my MBA at 57. I traveled around the world. I also decided to run marathons, because running them makes you train your tolerance to win over yourself.

“I was 56 when I finished my first-ever full marathon in Hong Kong. I’ve been to Thailand to run, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Macau. I’ve been running everywhere around the world. In Korea, I managed to finish in four hours and 48 minutes. I felt proud of myself.

“But then, I injured myself very badly after I ran a half marathon in Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake last year. There were a lot of uphills and downhills. I hurt myself going downhill because I didn’t know the technique and kept running. It got worse and worse, now all of a sudden I can’t even walk. My knee is in pain right now. But I will overcome that like I overcame the closing of my company. I will finish another marathon and I will go against all the odds.”

Evan Chan, 57
Chinese diaspora

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