Enlighten: Tackling Sexual Education on a Human Level

A Filipino American story as told by designer and director, Katwo Puertollano.

“Everyone has sex. And most of us are a product of sex. It’s a great topic to explore. My husband and I run a production company and one of our projects is on sexual education for a youth audience in the US. We made an animated series tackling issues like consent, penis size, and virginity myth, and approached them in a fun, humorous, and relatable way.

We want to bring this show to the Philippines because there is still so much we need to do to normalize the topic of sexuality there. Sex is not a conversation that regular people have in the Philippines! Here, we debate on tampon tax; there, we might have to explain what tampons are first. So even if it’s the same project, we need to change the messaging. For the Filipino audience, we need to start at a very fundamental level and speak in a different way.

I am realizing how privileged I am to see the world from two perspectives. I want to bridge both cultures by telling more stories that deal with sexual health education and women’s rights advocacy. As a newly sworn American citizen who grew up in the Philippines, I am seeing a more universal thread of humanity, despite the blatant differences in rights and services that exist. Especially when it comes to sex—there’s so much to tackle but it all touches on the same basic issues: our relationships, our body image, and our emotional depths as human beings.

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