Pneumonia is the leading cause of deaths for children under the age of 5 in the Philippines. There is a vaccine, but it’s priced too high for all Filipino children to get vaccinated in the long term. That’s because pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and GSK still have yet to drop the price. Meanwhile, they’ve made over US$28 billion in global sales from the pneumonia vaccine alone.

We believe that life-saving vaccines should be accessible for all Filipino children, not kept out of reach in the interest of large profits. That’s why NextDayBetter and Doctors Without Borders have partnered on a global action campaign asking Pfizer and GSK to drop the price of the pneumonia vaccine for developing countries like the Philippines.

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Click on each image below for stories on how pneumonia has affected families in the Philippines.

  • Recurrent: I actually don’t know what to do to prevent pneumonia

    “I know a vaccine exists, but it’s not available at the health center. I learned about it because I heard the social workers talking about it. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to afford it.”

  • Educate: Teach families to protect their kids against pneumonia

    “It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor; anyone can have pneumonia. If you teach people what to do, then their children have a chance to survive the first five years of life when they are most vulnerable.”

  • Relief: We were in and out of the hospital as my baby battled pneumonia

    “I wanted her to get better so badly but I had no idea how I was going to pay for all these. I had nothing!”

  • Empathy: The treatment for pneumonia is too expensive for many families

    “One of the things I want my students to learn is not to victim blame. I try to teach empathy. What is the context?”

  • Unexpected: I never thought something like this can happen to my child

    “One of the doctors said that he has pneumonia as well and that it can kill. I was so shocked to hear those words! I broke down and cried.”

  • Caution: A prescription is not enough to save their kids from danger

    “Many parents underestimate pneumonia or simply cannot afford being confined to a hospital. They think they can avoid a consultation with a doctor and use the money to buy medicine instead.”