In this story series, we reimagine a narrative that celebrates immigrant women as innovators, successful entrepreneurs, job creators and changemakers.

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  • Kat Borlongan | Shaking Things Up Through Innovation

    ” I’m using the skills and tools I’ve gathered elsewhere and bringing them home. I’ve grown and grown up a lot through my work in corporate and nonprofit innovation settings. Bringing that experience to try to solve real-world challenges in the Philippines was a natural next step.”

  • Samira Musa: Creating Space for Diversity

    “I want to produce the stories of those, like me, who are seeking to see themselves in popular culture and society. I pay it forward: I have to recognize when other outsiders, other people like me, need help and to pull them up to spaces that they are having difficulty getting into.”

  • Katwo Puertollano: Tackling Sex Ed on a Human Level

    “I want to bridge both cultures by telling more stories that deal with sexual health education and women’s rights advocacy. I am seeing a more universal thread of humanity, despite the blatant differences in rights and services that exist.”

  • Gelaine Santiago: Discovering a Different Filipino Experience

    “In our products, I see beauty and craftsmanship and raw talent. This is my opportunity to be seen and heard genuinely as a Filipina, to tell our people’s story and no longer be ‘just one of the Asians.’”