We end invisibility in a migrant and multicultural world.

NextDayBetter is a media company and marketing agency powered by an inclusive data engine.

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Global citizenship

Migration is a benefit to humanity.

Storytelling and collaborations

Anchored in trust, respect, and empathy.

Inclusive excellence

Diverse communities, thinking, and storytelling is key to creating a better world.

Outside the box doing

Technology breakthroughs combined with curious minds can lead to powerful solutions.

Measurable action

over good intentions.

We tell stories that inspire action & create impact

We are storytellers + community organizers + data scientists + designers + technologists + seasoned entrepreneurs.

Ryan Letada

A Filipino diaspora member born in Kuwait and raised in the Bronx, Ryan focused his passion for storytelling and entrepreneurship into amplifying immigrant narratives. A Posse Foundation Scholar, Fulbright Fellow, and Google Next Gen Leader, his vision to make the invisible visible drives NextDayBetter. He’s also a master pie and ice cream maker.

Chesa Zimmer-Santos
Director of People and Culture

A third culture citizen of the world with over 20 years of human relations experience in multicultural environments, Chesa supports our team through the development and design of the culture, products, and processes that drive our success. She advocates for local Filipinx businesses through TryLocalPH on Instagram, and dabbles in homeopathy, aromatherapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Josh Tiu

A proactive executive with an extensive record in resolving challenges, Josh is no stranger to startups, undergoing several career transformations himself as an entrepreneur, restauranteur, and stage performer. It’s made him an exceptionally talented innovator, helping transform organizations into unique, creative, and cohesive operations while maximizing multi-million-dollar growth potential. To top it off, he’s an advocate for world peace, equality, and the LGBTQIA+ community.


Benjamin Chin
Marketing Manager

Born in Singapore, raised in Minnesota, and now based in NYC, Ben’s professional background is in capturing and building multicultural markets by developing impactful campaigns. He’s also a saxophonist and performing artist with hip hop group, QNA, reggae band, Royal Khaoz, and jazz project saxofshaolin. When he’s not running around the city like a madman, you’ll find him outdoors fishing, hiking, and skiing.

Belle Camarsi

Armed with two decades of marketing and brand management experience, the last fifteen of which were in leadership roles, Belle designs and executes editorial strategies to drive performance and audience growth. Our resident ambivert, cheerleader, and plant-based foodie is also a Filipina Francophile and meditation practitioner who spends her free time away from social media reading, cooking, or working out.

Ene Lagunzad

A seasoned story designer and wordsmith, Ene finds the extra in the ordinary. She’s a golden girl with gold standards, having honed her creative, organization, and communication skills through various industries; from arts and entertainment to admin and operations. However, she also epitomizes a jill of all trades as a musical performer, DIY queen, horticulturist, and mother of cats.

Chad Rialp

A writer by profession, Chad built his career as a strategic partner and creative consultant in crafting corporate cultures and brand identities. As a veteran of the Manila music scene, his creativity also extends to music composition and performance, as well as audio, video, and live event production. He’s also a furdad to three dogs and an advocate of responsible pet parenting.

Issa Soliongco

An art director and graphic designer with an advertising background, Issa’s solution-based approach balances form and function, lending her keen insight and creativity into all visual assets. While being a multi-faceted creative—able to conceptualize and execute ideas for digital and social, whether its design, editing, animation, or art direction—she’s also a professional home baker and taste tester.

Trina Montenegro

An artist in the truest sense, Trina values authenticity in her work, and her passion lies in drawing and painting, while specializing in illustration, graphic design, and photography. She’s a multimedia and visual artist obsessed with color and intricate patterns using watercolor and metallic pens. She shares the team’s love for food and is also our go-to consultant for holistic healing.

Lilay Macaventa
Project Manager

Lilay is a creator, developer, and grand overseer of project workflows and systems that aid and support operations. With an extensive background covering television and digital production for lifestyle, sustainability, sports, and purpose, she also doubles as an Assistant Director and Editor. An analog junkie with a love for vinyl and Polaroids, she calls the ocean her second home as a licensed scuba diver.

Our Advisors

Michael Ainslie
Former CEO of Sotheby’s and Chair Emeritus Posse Foundation

Austin Fragomen
President of Fragomen, LLC.

Monique Nelson
President + Chair of UWG

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Census Counts Launches ‘Stories for Change’ Series to Boost Digital Organizing

“Stories for Change makes the census personal. People want to know the real, tangible ways census participation improves their everyday lives. They want to hear from people in their community who understand their experiences. NextDayBetter knows how to take a singular story and reflect a community’s collective experience. We’re so grateful to each person who generously allowed us to help share their story. Authentic storytelling is a powerful organizing tool. When people see themselves in the census, when they understand the future they could build with more resources and more political power, they get counted.”

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Elevating the World with Entrepreneur and Storyteller, Ryan Letada

“We live in an increasingly migrant world. It is a force with innovations in technology and our ability to travel around the world and as borders and physical and digital borders come down, that means there will be more migrants. That is the story of humanity. If brands accept the fact that these individuals could provide economic value and customer base, that will be better for their businesses in the long run and that’s why they work with us. They don’t work with us because it’s just a corporate social responsibility play or it’s the right thing to do, but it makes business sense. Absolutely. The fact that brands can see that, the better position they will be in the world.”

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Balancing Money And Meaning

There was a market opportunity based on the size of the migrant community (244 million!), the dearth of a PR solution and corporate interest in finding a solution (NextDayBetter clients include AARP, Mailchimp, and Doctors Without Borders). Combining mission and market need, Letada has worked with brands to launch campaigns that engage multicultural, immigrant communities. Together, they have told migrant stories related to veterans’ caregiving, LGBT rights, inclusive entrepreneurship, shame-free sex education, affordable healthcare, and more.

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Battling COVID-19, practicing humility, and NextDayBetter’s response

“This pandemic has disrupted initiatives like the census that ensure communities of color across the country are counted,” says Ryan Letada, CEO and founder of NextDayBetter.

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Supreme Court to decide citizenship on Census

“In 2020, the next decennial Census will go online,” said Jorge Fontanez, the head of partnerships at NextDayBetter. “We know that historically communities of color have been undercounted, and SCOTUS will soon rule on the inclusion of the Citizenship Question.”

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New original series on untold global Filipino series kicks off

“This partnership started because it’s time that we make our invisible stories visible as s next-generation Filipinos,” Letada added. “My parents once said to me ‘You’re Filipino. You’re not American.’ What does that mean? Our series asks who are we becoming? From LGBT activists to Filipinos migrants teaching rural Americans, we need to own our stories.”

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“Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders in the U.S. Military” Win Advocacy Mosaic Media Image Award 

Our research showed that many Americans believe that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the military is a recent phenomenon—a dangerous perception that prevents many Americans from adequately recognizing the valor of AAPI veterans and advocating for their unique caregiving needs.

We collaborated with high-ranking AAPI veterans including Dr. Ravi Chaudhary, Major General Tony Taguba, and Lt. Col. Lan Dalat in the design, production and distribution of the digital campaign. Together, we designed digital stories that highlighted trailblazing AAPIs in service at every turn: at the War of 1812, during the Civil War, in both World Wars, and in current day conflicts. From Chinese American WWII women Air Force veteran pilots to Vietnamese Refugees, we made sure to be inclusive of AAPI’s rich and diverse contributions towards progress in America.

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The Opportunity Project Demo Day

“Taking on the Census and the checkbox specifically has meant reclaiming it as a symbol of empowerment and change,” says Jorge Fontanez, Head of Partnerships of NextDayBetter, at The U.S. Census Bureau’s Opportunity Project Demo Day.

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Telling migrant stories to build community

“As an immigrant myself, I felt that it was really important for us to tell our own stories. That’s why I founded NextDayBetter,” shares Ryan Letada in a special video feature by Wheaton College Massachusetts.

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Group pushes for philanthropy among Fil-Ams

“It is actually easy to find these world-changing people from our community that are leading the way in tech, in creativity, in different industries and we are contributing more, not just for the Philippines but for the entire world,” Ryan Letada, founder of Next Day Better, said.

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