Asian American Frontline Heroes

In the fight against COVID-19, racism, and social injustice, Asian Americans have been giving heroic service as frontliners, cure seekers, truth tellers, caregivers, and providers.
We say thank you to these Asian American heroes and honor their impact by sharing their stories.

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New York City, NY

A Trailblazing Asian American Scientist Leads Effort to Find a COVID-19 Cure

"I have faith that science will deliver solutions to end this pandemic, but we need to buy time." -Dr. David Ho
Minneapolis, MN

How an Indian Immigrant Fed Thousands in Minneapolis During the Pandemic

"Our seniors need soul-satisfying food that is culturally specific, even during this pandemic" -Raj Chaudhary
New York City, NY

How a 77-Year-Old Filipina Nurse Still Serves After Surviving COVID-19

"As Filipino nurses, we go where we're needed, despite knowing what we will be facing." -Dina Villaluz
Los Angeles, CA

How Organizers Use Data to Fight Anti-Asian Racism

"Our data shows that the racial attacks against Asian Americans is widespread. We must continue to speak against hate." -Manjusha P. Kulkarni
Mobile, AL

How Vietnamese Nail Salons Donated Over 100,000 Masks in Alabama

"We need to come together to share, show love, and respect one another. Hate will not defeat this virus." -Huy Nguyen

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