Let’s Talk About Race

Race matters. As immigrants and people of color, how do we challenge inequities and discrimination, stay true to our identities, and build a more inclusive world?

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Washington, D.C.

A Filipino American Immigrant Unlearns Racism

"We were conditioned to think of Blacks as inferior through American media in the Philippines. It took me a while to understand that this type of thinking had no place. I had to educate and unlearn myself to liberate from racism. This painful process of unlearning happens when you study history. "
Kanagawa, Japan

From Vietnamese Refugee to U.S. Military Officer

"It has been a long road to becoming a Lieutenant Colonel, especially as an Asian American. I get asked a lot of questions: How did you become an officer? Were you born in the United States? What I can say is that I have had to work much harder to achieve the level of respect and achievement that I have today."
Los Angeles, CA

Family Ties and Bridging Cultures

"When I was six years old, I realized that my mother was so sad because she didn’t have a family. Her father left Jamaica to return to China with a second wife and some of his children from his first wife; she was left behind because my grandmother didn’t want her to go with him."

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