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As an expanding and downloadable series of video stories, quote graphics, and infographics, ‘Stories for Change’ helps census digital organizers keep their focus on getting people counted by employing authentic storytelling as a powerful organizing tool. ‘Stories for Change’ is a joint initiative of NextDayBetter and Census Counts. It features census advocates connecting census participation to a wide spectrum of advocacy, including racial justice, immigration, disability, labor, and faith. Each featured storyteller speaks directly to their communities on the opportunity the 2020 Census presents to claim the funding, resources, and political power they deserve. When people see themselves in the census, when they understand the future they could build with more resources and more political power, they get counted. ‘Stories for Change’ is made possible with the collaboration of community organizations such as Arab American Institute, Arab Resource Organizing Center, The Arc, and Faith in Public Life.

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The Census Counts campaign, which is housed at The Leadership Conference Education Fund, brings together community-based organizations across a wide spectrum of advocacy: civil rights, immigrant, LGBTQ, disability, infant and child, poverty and homelessness, faith-based, labor, health care, education, youth, and more.
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San Francisco, CA

How Arab Americans Build Power with the Census

“We are deprioritized in everything, down to a lack of translated material in Arabic to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.” Lara Kiswani explains how Arab Americans can build power by participating in the census.
Detroit, MI

How We Can Fight for Black Equity with Census and Our Faith

“Every person counts in the eyes of God and every person must count in the eyes of the government,” says Pastor James Perkins, who calls all people of faith to get counted in the 2020 Census to ensure Black communities have the resources they need to thrive.
Prince George's County, MD

How Census Can Give People with Disabilities a Fair Chance

“I am a transgender woman of color on the autism spectrum. I answered the #2020Census to give people with disabilities a fair chance,” says Elizabeth Graham, who wants to ensure that everyone has access to healthcare.
United States

Census Counts and NextDayBetter Launch ‘Stories for Change’ to Boost Digital Organizing

This collection of digital assets, produced by NextDayBetter, is designed to be ready-made content usable for digital organizing including, social media, textbanking, paid media, and email.

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