Dear Filipinos and Puertorriqueños, our count matters.  If we are not counted in this 2020 Census, we will miss out on housing for those affected by Hurricane Maria, healthcare for undocumented and documented immigrants, and quality education for the next generation. Participating in the Census can shape our communities for the next 10 years.  

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#WhyWeCount is an initiative to engage Puerto Rican and Filipino communities to share stories and pledge to participate in Census 2020, made possible with the help of New Venture Fund and our community partners.
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New York City, NY

We Need More Jobs

Valerie knows being counted means more funding in her community.
New York City, NY

Rising Above Disasters

Lilah Mejias, a proud Puerto Rican mother, works with her team at NYDIS to help the victims of Hurricane Maria.
United States

Filipinos, This is #WhyWeCount

Filipinos, unite! We count for a better future for Filipino families, titos, and titas.
United States

Puertorriqueños, This is #WhyWeCount

¡Oye, mis Puertoriqueños! We count for all the Boricuas and Nuyoricans across the country.
New York City, NY

Protecting Migrant Workers Matters

The community that Riya Ortiz serves aren’t your typical Americans.
New York City, NY

Filipino Lives Count

Rose is pro-census because emergency Medicaid saved her life.

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