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We are looking for practical idealists who are driven to win the global PR battle for migrant communities across the globe. We value people who are optimistic, collaborative, who take ownership, embrace ambiguity, talk less do more, can learn from failure, and have the desire to make others successful.

Our startup culture is a unique blend of social enterprise, tech startup, and classroom. We hire people who at their core are social entrepreneurs, and we believe that every individual who joins NextDayBetter has the power to be an incredible and large-scale changemaker.


Does this sound like you?

  • Visionary + left- and right-brain thinker: You deeply believe that inclusive storytelling can change the world. Through a combination of “gut-feeling,” creativity and insight-driven strategy, you are driven by the opportunity to tell stories that build empathy, and empowers diaspora communities to sit on decision making tables and take action at scale.
  • Manages through relationships: You understand what it takes to get things done in a startup organization, and you are able to motivate different individuals to take action. You can effectively read people to know what is going on in the room in order to calibrate the level of interaction in a variety of scenarios. You see opportunities via relationships; you create a sense of mutual accountability, inspire action, and follow up effectively to ensure momentum.
  • Entrepreneurial: You maximize the resources around you to chart a path to the goal. You are a go-getter who knows how to push hard.
  • Keeps many balls in the air: You are efficient and organized. You can take in a range of events at different levels of urgency and importance, formulate responses, and keep progress going on many fronts at once.
  • Visualizes the path to the goal: You are extremely strategic. You understand how decisions get made, you can take in multiple inputs at the same time, and you evaluate what choices are on the table in order to take action and chart a path forward. You are a seasoned project manager.
  • Problem solver: In this ego-free environment, you must be able to quickly adapt as we experiment with new products, systems, and processes for getting things done.  Ultimately, we’re in search of new teammates who will push to make our team better in service of our mission.

If so, we are looking for you.

Community is our greatest asset. Your primary responsibility is to be the face and voice of the brand in the digital world. You will be the first point of contact for the online community and your goal is to manage all digital interactions in all digital channels of the brand, following response and engagement turn-around rate targets. You will initiate and amplify interactions within the community in ways that activate and empower our community to take action and participate in social good movements.

Our ideal candidate is social media savvy and an empathetic, tactful, and thoughtful communicator well-versed in social media conventions. In a noisy, divided, and digital world, you believe in the power of open and honest dialogue for social change.

Can you do this?

As a Digital Community Manager, you will need to:

  • Build and grow the brand’s online community by actively engaging the audience to achieve weekly and monthly digital interaction and engagement goals
  • Write clear, engaging, and timely digital communications copy that aligns with brand voice and message
  • Curate high-performing third-party content that aligns with the editorial calendar
  • Deploy social media listening tools to monitor competitors’ activities and community sentiments
  • Work with the Marketing Team and produce campaign reports to provide insights on trending topics, virtual events, and potential collaborators
  • Support the development and execution of the editorial calendar, protect the brand’s online reputation and strengthen the brand’s digital influence
  • Activate, convince, and empower a community of influencers, trusted messengers, and mission-aligned organization to support our impact-focused campaigns
  • Educate the NextDayBetter team regarding industry trends, innovations, and best practices regarding community management
  • Support Managing Director and the Marketing Team to build systems, social media standards, and processes that improve internal and external collaboration

Do you have these skills and experience?

  • Fluency with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin
  • Knowledge of social media analytics
  • Experience with Facebook Ad Manager and Twitter Ads
  • Proven experience as a copywriter, content creator, or related role
  • Excellent writing, copyediting, and proofreading skills
  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills
  • Ability to manage multiple accounts or campaigns, simultaneously

About the Position/h3>

  • Full-time role (40 hours a week); remote position
  • Compensation: Salary commensurate with experience 
  • Stipend for internet access provided

Application Instructions

If our values resonate with you, email your cover letter and resume/LinkedIn profile link to

Put “Digital Community Manager” in the subject, and include short answers to the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to work at NextDayBetter?
  2. What is your philosophy on work? We want to know: what’s your passion and how does it link to our mission?

Candidates are being evaluated on a rolling basis and interviews will be scheduled until the role is filled.

We need a creative leader and problem solver who utilizes design strategies and concepts to bring ideas and campaigns to life. We are looking for a proactive, passionate, and original creator who values working with systems and processes to meet a set goal, while remaining agile, flexible, and solutions-oriented.

Can you do this?

As our Senior Visual Designer, you will need to:

  • Build design strategies for digital platforms and an online audience
  • Create an overall artistic visual direction for campaigns across different platforms
  • Combine strategy, insight, and creativity to brand a storytelling campaign or product
  • Bring design solutions to life, from concept to delivery
  • Visually communicate key messages and communication goals
  • Collaborate with team members, across departments, and with other stakeholders in the creative and storytelling process
  • Meet deadlines and work well under time pressure 
  • Work with junior visual designers, providing direction to ensure quality and alignment

Do you have these skills and experience?

  • Minimum 5 years experience in the creative industry in a similar role
  • Deep knowledge around producing content for the digital and online space
  • Excellent visual communication skills
  • Very knowledgeable with current and cutting-edge design trends
  • Can explain design concepts and the creative decisions behind their work
  • Highly efficient in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Keynote
  • Expert knowledge of typography, color, and design principles
  • Able to work remotely and effectively lead and collaborate within this setup
  • A working knowledge in video production, motion design, and UI/UX design are a plus, but NOT necessary

About the position:

Assignment: 3-Month Engagement
Compensation: Salary commensurate with experience

Application instructions:

If our values resonate with you, email your up-to-date CV and LinkedIn profile to

Put “Senior Visual Designer” in the subject, and include short answers to the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to work at NextDayBetter?
  2. What is your philosophy on work?
  3. In your opinion, how does design contribute to digital storytelling?

In addition, please provide a link to your creative portfolio (Design and Illustration) or submit it with the email inquiry.

This person will ensure that the elements of our storytelling campaigns are in place. The right candidate must be invested in our mission and vision to empower diaspora and migrant communities through storytelling and be able to articulate our key messages using empathy and in an engaging, effective manner.

As our Associate Storytelling Strategist, you will need to:

  • Ground storytelling solutions in a strategic, human-based approach that looks at community problems with an empathetic lens
  • Contribute to story design by conducting research, supporting concept development, and coordinating production requirements needed to execute a story concept
  • Support multiple storytelling projects by engaging in interviews, coordinating with partners, and synthesizing information to be used in our narratives
  • Write. Create creative, editorial, or marketing copy needed to mount storytelling campaigns and produce digital content. This includes writing scripts, feature articles, press releases, and social media copy
  • Organize and source assets required for story creation and production
  • Coordinate between the parties involved in our story creation process and effectively communicate the project needs and deliverables to everyone concerned
  • Update the VP of Storytelling with regular project status meetings and identify action items needing attention
  • Collaborate with campaign account managers, creatives, and the rest of the project team to successfully deploy our storytelling campaigns

Does this sound like you?

  • A bachelor’s degree or entrepreneurial street cred
  • 2- to 4-year experience in editorial management and content creation (experience in producing video, digital, social, and multimedia storytelling projects a plus)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Superior grasp of language, grammar, and syntax, as well as an ability to work with nuance especially when adjusting to audience and messaging
  • Ability to creatively contribute to design thinking exercises
  • Understanding of, and experience executing, social media projects that adhere to platform guidelines and social/digital best practices
  • Uncompromising attention to detail
  • Incredible organization and time-management skills
  • Proven history of taking an initiative
  • Strong interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving, negotiating, influencing, facilitation, organizational, prioritization, decision-making, and conflict-resolution skills

About the position:

Assignment: 3-Month Engagement
Compensation: Salary commensurate with experience

Application instructions:

If our values resonate with you, email your LinkedIn profile to

Put “Associate Storytelling Strategist” in the subject, and include short answers to the following questions:

  • Why do you want to work at NextDayBetter?
  • What is your philosophy on work?
  • What, to you, makes a good story?
  • How can storytellers and content creators surface authentic content and reach their audience in a noisy, digital world?

In addition, please provide a link to portfolio examples or submit with the email inquiry.

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