Rock Bottom

Los Angeles, CA

Samantha Duenas a.k.a. SoSuperSam. DJ, Singer, Entrepreneur.

Things were not always easy for SoSuperSam–DJ, singer, and super host of party and production outfit, 143. Beneath the sick parties and sick beats, we uncover the story of Samantha Duenas, who aspired to work in fashion PR upon moving to New York. Instead, she began DJing for 80 dollars a night DJ gigs, subsisting on falafel, and selling all her clothes just to make rent.

Looking past these failures, we see how SoSuperSam builds a career from nothing, while  acknowledging what makes it possible for her to live creatively. For this, she sees the enormous debt owed to her support system, especially her mother.

SoSuperSam’s story is not just a fairy tale about ambitions, it is a lesson in the unconditional love needed to stay the course and hit restart whenever you need to.

Watch ROCK BOTTOM for the whole story.


Intersections: Who We Are Becoming

Filipinos are taking root across the world as immigrants and new citizens. From Middle America to Hawaii to Alaska, our Intersections series reimagines who we are and how we can better ourselves and the communities around us.

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