Oakland, CA

Andrea Barrica, Founder and CEO of Tech Entrepreneur and Sex Educator.

As the founder of a pleasure education platform like, it isn’t obvious that Andrea Barrica was raised in a religious, conservative family that only permitted abstinence. Her apartment in Oakland, California is cheerily full of clitoris models and vagina-shaped pillows, reflecting her vision of a world free from sexual shame where everyone has autonomy over their own bodies. After all, she does believe that everyone deserves to orgasm.

However, she first had to unlearn a lot of conservative and cultural biases. In a conversation with lifestyle coach Joanne “GoFitJo” Encarnacion, they laugh about the only sex education they received from their parents, summed up neatly (and incompletely) as, “Don’t get pregnant!”

Andrea’s story is not just of a wildly successful career as a queer woman of color in tech, but also of reconciliation with her own parents — who eventually learned to see the world through her lens as well.

“Every day, my sexuality is booming,” Andrea shares in the episode. “We have to start educating women about all the organs in their bodies,” she adds.

Watch SHAMELESS for the whole story.


Intersections: Who We Are Becoming

Filipinos are taking root across the world as immigrants and new citizens. From Middle America to Hawaii to Alaska, our Intersections series reimagines who we are and how we can better ourselves and the communities around us.

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