Kauai, HI

Isaiah Jimenez, Surfboard Shaper, Hemingway Boardworks. Entrepreneur.

Isaiah Jimenez is the owner of Hemingway Boardworks. He took his passion for riding waves into the craft of shaping beautiful objects that could rise and fall with the shifting tides of the Pacific.

And the tides are definitely shifting, with rising house rates of homelessness and real estate speculation making life tough for Kauai’s locals. These developments prompted Mayor Derek Kawakami to comment on the grave costs that come with the price of paradise. But there is hope, and it can be seen in the efforts of locals like Isaiah, who merge a devotion to their community with a deep respect for nature.

Through surfing, Isaiah shows us what it means to shift our attention to the water, teaching a thing or two about the ebb and flow of life.

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Intersections: Who We Are Becoming

Filipinos are taking root across the world as immigrants and new citizens. From Middle America to Hawaii to Alaska, our Intersections series reimagines who we are and how we can better ourselves and the communities around us.

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